Capital Depot | Freight Factoring Articles
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Freight Factoring Articles

Below are some articles we’ve written about the freight factoring business:

Freight Bill Factoring is the Future of Trucking

Wouldn’t it be great to leave the administration and paperwork, and just get on with the business of trucking? And what about those unpaid broker invoices that always leave you strapped for cash? It would be different if the administrative headaches resulted in profits – but they don’t – they just get in the way!

Alternative Financing: Freight bill factoring is the best kept secret in financial services.

If you own a trucking business, or plan to start one – then Freight Bill Factoring could well be a viable component in achieving your overall business goals. But you can’t use it if you don’t understand it!

Hard to believe…business is booming, but the company’s strapped for cash.

At one point or another every business is confronted with cash flow problems and it doesn’t just happen during difficult times! Businesses need cash for many reasons. A company may be experiencing sudden growth or there may be a need to expand a major transaction. All can create an immediate, sometimes urgent need for funding.