Capital Depot | FAQ
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open a factoring account today?

Call (847) 470-1687 and we will open your account in 2 minutes or sign up online.

What is factoring?

To sell an invoice, for instant CASH!

When do I get CASH for my bill of lading?

Cash is deposited directly into your bank account – the same day we receive your invoice.

How much do I get paid for my invoice?

We pay you 100% for your invoice, minus our minimal flat fee.

Is your factoring program non recourse?

Yes, of course!

What is non recourse factoring?

Never worry about a broker not paying – we assume all the credit risk!

How many invoices do I have to factor each month?

No volume requirements for factoring, use us only when you need us.

How long am I contractually bound?

You are not contractually bound to us for any length of time, leave us whenever you want!

Do I have to factor every broker I do business with?

No, we only factor on a “broker by broker” basis, so factor only the brokers you want.

Do you offer fleet cards?

Yes and our fleet cards are accepted at over 10,000 truck stops nationwide.

Do you buy bill of ladings from every broker?

Yes, as long as they meet our credit standards (over 100,000 brokers approved)

How do I know which brokers meet your credit standards?

Sign-in to our website and check the broker’s approval status instantly – free service!

Are there any fees to set-up a factoring account?

No, just a one time UCC state filing fee.

How much is the UCC state filing fee?

It varies from state to state (minimal amount).

How & when do I pay for the UCC state filing fee?

We simply deduct it from the 1st bill of lading that we buy from you.